Top 20 Bá

Este es el Top 20 de Bá del 9 de marzo, 2012.

  1. Martin Danielle – FiveAM
  2. Jump Jump Dance Dance – Show me the night
  3. Dhafne – Astronauta
  4. The Checks – Ready to die
  5. Sweetsuite – Será el ángel
  6. Gus Gus – Deep Inside
  7. San Pascualito Rey – No voy a dejar
  8. Momo – Como ayer
  9. Cloud Nothings – Stay useless
  10. The Flashbulbs – Terra Firma
  11. Osunlade – Envision
  12. Young Empires – Against the wall
  13. Evaline – Picking it up
  14. Fasten – La Salva
  15. Eux Autres – Right again
  16. Ben Westbeech – Same Thing
  17. Asa with Joyful Lips – Francoise
  18. Boy – Drive Darling
  19. Milton Pacheco – Should I call?
  20. Shenan – Gravedad


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